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About this course

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Deaf Entrepreneur/Artist Rosa Lee Timm

Music has always been my passion ever since I was 5 years old. I started out by wanting to become a singer to learning how to play piano/guitar before getting obsessed with dancing and performing. During my time at NTID as a student, I created a performance troupe called, Dangerous Signs, along with my former roommate, Roberta Mather. I worked as an Art Director where I managed, directed, and performed along with 5-12 deaf performers throughout my college years. Upon graduation, I started my own one-woman show in which I toured for over 16 years, celebrating American Sign Language via storytelling, live interactions, comedy skits, and signing songs. During the summer of 2009, I launched my very first Deaf Music Camp in Michigan where I was able to explore musical elements through Deaf lenses with fellow deaf musicians. It was an eye-opening experience. With my experience and love for music, I wanted to challenge myself into exploring musicality in ASL that's not entirely reliant on sound. I wanted to truly capture a deaf-centric musical experience and break down the stigma that music can only be enjoyed by those who can hear. So this is my first stake in breaking it down and I invite you all to join me in exploring the world of musicality through ASL.